Metal Seated Trunnion Ball Valve

Metal-seated trunnion ball valves are resistant to abrasion, erosion, corrosion, solids, and high temperatures up to 640℃. Special metal-seated ball valves are available in high pressure, big size, top entry, etc.

The metal seated ball valve leakage rate meets the highest standard of EN-12266, ISO 5208, ANSI FCI 70. 
There is wide selection of coating materials, such as Chrome Carbide (CrC), Hard Chromium (HCr), Tungsten Carbide (WC-Co), Cobalt Based Alloy, and Stellite 6 etc.

Relia’s scraper seat is ideal for most difficult applications where build-up of damaging fluid deposit may occur on the ball face. 

Temperature Range
Pressure Rating
Class 150~2500

Features and Benifit

Corrosion / Erosion Resistance

  • Extend the life of metals with a wide selection of surface coatings, available for valve internal / externals. These coatings include Teflon, chrome, electroless nickel, zinc phosphate,tungsten carbide galvanizing & many more options.

Ball & Seats

  • Mate-lapped for 100% sealing contact
  • Ensures absolute shutoff per ANSI classification
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Seats are protected from flow in open / closed position
  • Seats are available as field replaceable sets

Seat Spring

  • Assisted by line pressure, provides a constant mechanical force on ball against seat to maintain a tight seal

Body Gasket

  • Encapsulated spiral wound body seals guarantee zero leaks to the surrounding area.
  • Lowers contact stresses



  • Cast Steel Metal Seated Trunnioin Mounted Ball Valve

cast steel metal seated trunnion ball valve


  • Forged Steel Metal Seated Trunnioin Mounted Ball Valve

forged steel metal seated trunnion mounted ball valve

Typical Material

Item Part Name Material
Cast Steel Forged Steel
1 Body A216 WCB ASTM A105
2 Ball F316+TCC
3 Seat F316+TCC
4 Stem XM-19
5 Stem packing Graphite
6 Body Seal 1 Graphite
7 Body Seal 2 Graphite
8 Seat spring Inconel X-750


Seat Models 

seat models for metal seated ball valve


Stem Extentions

stem extension for metal seated ball valve

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