Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Top-entry trunnion-mounted ball valves feature easy in-line maintenance. The top of the valve can be removed to gain access to the ball and seats without removing the entire valve from the piping system.

Top-entry trunnion-mounted ball valves are typically constructed of a cast-steel one-piece body with a bolted bonnet connection.

The Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve is specially designed and developed for lower operating torque, easy maintenance, soft or metal seat, fire-safe, double block and bleed, bi-directional operation, and flexible design.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy maintenaince. Removing the bonnet from the valve allows free access to the ball and the seats, which can simultaneously be taken out without the need for any special maintenance tools.
  • The body bonnet design features bolted construction.
  • One piece body
  • The seats are always in contact with the ball to provide an effective, tight seal even at low differential pressures.
  • Double block-and-bleed capability
  • A body drain is provided in the body cavity's lowest part, with an NPT drain valve and a safety plug.
  • Fire-safe design, anti-static device
  • Emergency sealant injection fitting for seat and stem
  • Low-friction,metal-backed,self-lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washers


  • Forged steel body
  • Metal-to-metal seat
  • Double piston effect
  • Low emission packing
  • Extended bonnet
  • Stainless steel or INCONEL 625 overlay on sealing areas
  • Explosive decompression-resistant seals (standard for Class 600 and higher) 


top entry trunnion mounted ball valve drawing

Typical Material

Item Part Name Material Item Part Name Material
1 Body A216 Gr. WCB 3h Washer POM-C
1a Body Flange A515 Gr. 70 3f Washer POM-C
1c Retainer Pin AISI 420 4 Stem AISI 316
1g Hollow Hex Plug AISI 420 4c O-ring Seal Viton
1j Vent AISI 420 4f O-ring Seal Viton
2 Seat ring AISI 316 5a Bolt 8.8+GLV
2b Soft Seat PTFE 6 Packing Graphite
2c O-Ring Seal Viton 7c O-Ring Seal Fluorine Rubber
2e Spring AISI 302 12a Mounting Flange A515
2j Fire Safe Ring Graphite 13c O-ring Seal Fluorine Rubber
3 Trunnion  Ball  Solid AISI 316 15 Body Gasket 316 + Graphite
3c Anti Static Device AISI 316 16 Bolt/Nut A193 B7/A194 2H
3g  Bearing 316+ PTFE 18 Name plate AISI 340

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